Simple pricing. Crystal clear.

Our service is FREE for 30 days. After that, most full-time inspectors will pay about $2 per inspection but it depends on how much you inspected in the previous 30 days ...

  • If you do 30 or more it's $1.00 per report
  • If you do 15 - 29 it's $2.00 per report
  • If you do 8 - 14 it's $3.00 per report
  • If you do up to 7 it's $5.00 per report

The more inspections you do, the cheaper it is. (Hint: Do more than 30 free inspections in the first month and your paid inspections will only be $1 each.)

Customizing report templates

You can easily customize your own report template in Word for FREE. No cost. It's simple. But some inspectors would rather have us do it for you. If you want to send it to us and have our Microsoft Word experts do it for you.

  • Do it yourself in Word: FREE
  • Have us do it for you: $50/hour

Report storage

You get 100Mb for FREE. That's enough to store hundreds of reports. If you offload your reports after a week or so, that will be plenty. But if you want extra storage, we'll provide that.

  • 100Mb FREE
  • 1Gb $10 per month
  • 10Gb $20 per month
  • 100Gb $30 per month